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... Now we've got the work stuff out of the way, here's a bit more about me! Aside from my volunteering at home, I also contributed significantly to the student body during my time at university. I was voted in as interim Chairman of the Creative Writing Society within the first three months of my first year, a post that later became permanent and continued through to the end of my second year. I then took the post as treasurer of the rather larger university Poker Society, alongside roles on the Student Council and the secretary of the Societies' Forum.

I enjoy much of what I do in a work setting also as a social pursuit - I write regularly, am often seen with my camera and I really enjoy web design. Aside from that, I like to read, have a keen interest in politics and current affairs and also play bass guitar. I'm a huge fan of sports, from football to winter sports to baseball! Finally, I'm a frequent user of social media, with a regular presence on Facebook and Twitter amongst others. I believe that my well rounded hobbies and interests reflects my eclectic and adaptable work ethic.

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